Preparing the Autodeploy Package

To prepare the autodeploy package, you need to add the following required and optional components to it:

  • Parallels Desktop installation image (required).

  • Parallels Desktop Business Edition license key (required, unless you are using "Activation using corporate account (SSO)").

  • One or more virtual machines (optional). A virtual machine can be installed later or downloaded by the user via the link in a configuration profile.

  • One or more Windows application stubs (optional). Stubs are special links to Windows applications installed in a virtual machine that can be added to the Dock in macOS during deployment.

  • You can also configure deployment options according to your needs by modifying the configuration file included in the autodeploy package.

The subsequent sections describe how to add the necessary components and how to configure autodeploy package options.

Note: Sometimes deployment might fail with the "Install failed" error message due to enhanced security restrictions introduced by Apple. To find out how avoid the issue, please see

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