Adding Windows Application Stubs

Windows application stubs are special links to Windows applications installed in a virtual machine that can be added to the Dock in macOS during deployment.

Note: Stubs will only work on VMs that have been deployed with Autodeploy Package.

About Application Stubs

Application stubs are created in macOS when you create a virtual machine and install Parallels Tools in it. To see applications stubs for a virtual machine:

  1. In macOS, navigate to /Users/<user-name>/Applications (Parallels)

  2. Expand a desired virtual machine folder. For example, Windows 11 Applications, as shown in the screenshot below:

The icons that you see in the folder are Windows application stubs. If you double-click an icon, the corresponding Windows application will be started in the virtual machine.

You can add one or more application stubs to the autodeploy package to be added to the Dock on a target Mac computer. For example, if your Mac users use a particular application most of the time, it would make sense to add it to the Dock so they can quickly launch it without dealing with the user interfaces of Windows or Parallels Desktop.

Windows application stubs are mandatory when you deploy Parallels Desktop using Single Application Mode. For more information, please see the Single application mode section.

Adding Application Stubs to the Autodeploy Package

To add one or more application stubs to the autodeploy package, simply copy it to the Windows Application(s) stubs to add to Dock folder of the Autodeploy.pkg package.

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