Downloading the Autodeploy Package

If you haven't already, download the Parallels Desktop Autodeploy Package to a Mac computer from

The autodeploy package archive contains a folder named "Parallels Desktop Business Edition mass deployment package vxxx", where "vxxx" is the autodeploy package version number.

The folder contains the following files:

  • Changelog.txt — contains a record of changes that were made to the autodeploy package over time.

  • Parallels-Desktop-Business-Edition-Administrators-Guide.pdf — the version of the guide that matches the autodeploy package version (Note: our website always has the latest version of this document).

  • Parallels Desktop Autodeploy.pkg — this is the actual autodeploy package that you need to prepare for mass deployment of Parallels Desktop. To view the package contents, right-click it and choose Show Package Contents.

Read on to learn how to add the necessary components to the autodeploy package.

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