Parallels Desktop Installation Image

To mass deploy Parallels Desktop Business Edition, you will need the Parallels Desktop for Mac installation image file (.dmg) and a Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition license key.

You can download the installation image from

Parallels Desktop Autodeploy Package

The Parallel Desktop autodeploy package is used to configure the deployment of Parallels Desktop. The package can be downloaded from

Please note that if you already have a configured autodeploy package from an earlier version (or build) of Parallels Desktop, don't use it because it may not be compatible with your build of Parallels Desktop. Always download the latest version of the package from the Parallels website using the link above.

Supported Guest OS Versions

If you are deploying one or more virtual machines together with Parallels Desktop, please keep in mind the differences in supported guest operating systems between Mac computers with Apple Silicon and Mac computers powered by Intel processors. For the latest information, see system requirements at

Kernel Extensions

If your organization's Macs run macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina, their users may need to approve kernel extensions before they can launch Parallels Desktop. For more information, please read the following KB article:

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