Site defaults (Publishing)

To configure Site defaults for published resources:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Site defaults.

  2. Click Publishing.

  3. View and modify if necessary the default settings as described below.


This view allows you to configure where a shortcut for the application is created on a user device. Note that shortcuts are not available on all types of operating systems.

The options for creating shortcuts are:

  • Create shortcut on desktop: If selected, a shortcut will be created on the user desktop.

  • Create shortcut in Start folder: Creates a shortcut in the Start folder.

  • The edit field allows you to enter a folder name where a shortcut will be created. The default (and the only one available) %Groups% variable will add additional subfolders as they appear on the host server where the published resource is located. For example, if the resource is located in "Myapps > Games" on the host server, the same folder structure will be added to the path. Note that you cannot use any custom variables.

  • Create shortcut in Auto Start folder: The application shortcut will be added to the Auto Start folder and will start automatically on computer startup.


Configure the following options for better control of the application license usage:

  • Disable session sharing: If this option is enabled, it allows you to isolate a given published application to one session. If the same application is launched more than once, the instances of the application will share the same sessions. A different application, however, will start in its own session.

  • Single instance per user: If this option is enabled, a user can only launch a single instance of the application.

  • Concurrent licenses: Use this option to specify the maximum number of concurrent instances the application can run. For example, if the license of the application allows you to only run 10 instances of the application, set the Concurrent licenses option to 10, so once such limit is reached, other users cannot initiate other instances.

  • If limit is exceeded. From this drop down menu, you can specify an action that should be taken when a licensing limit is exceeded.


Configure the following options:

  • Wait until all RAS Universal Printers are redirected before showing the application: Enable this option to wait for printers to be redirected before the application is loaded. You can also specify the maximum wait time (in seconds) for the Universal Printers to be redirected. Please note that redirecting a printer may take some time. To avoid confusion, a progress bar is shown to the user while the printers are being redirected.

  • Maximum time to wait (seconds):

  • Color depth: Select a color depth for the application.

  • Start the application as maximized when using mobile clients: This option applies only to Parallels Client running on mobile devices. When the option is selected, the application will start on a mobile device in the maximized state. This gives users the best experience while working with a remote application. This option gives the RAS administrator an easy way to always maximize an application without taking any additional steps.

Maintenance message

The Maintenance message view allows you to specify a message that users will see when trying to launch a published resource in maintenance. When a resource is in maintenance, it will still appear in Parallels Client, but will be grayed out (in User Portal, it will say so in the resource name). If a user tries to open the resource, they will see the message that you specify here. If you modified a message, but want to return the default one, select a message in the desired language and click the Reset button.

When done making changes to Site defaults, click Save.

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