On the Experience tab, you can edit the following settings:

Connection Speed. Tap this menu to select the suitable connection speed for the most fluid experience. By default, connection settings are optimized automatically. However, if you choose some option other than Automatically Optimize Connection Settings, you'll be able to configure the following additional options:

Note: If you select an option which is deselected by default, please keep in mind that additional visual effects may slow down your connection speed.

  • Desktop Background. Enable this option to show the remote computer desktop background.

  • Font Smoothing. This option makes all fonts smooth for improved readability.

  • Menu Animation. If menus and windows on the remote computer have visual effects and this option is enabled, these effects are also shown on your Android device.

  • Desktop Composition. Desktop composition changes the way windows are depicted on the screen.

  • Window Dragging. Enable this option to show window contents when dragging windows.

  • Themes. Enable this option to use the remote desktop themes when connected.

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