Managing Gateways

To perform RAS Secure Gateway management tasks:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Secure Gateways.

  2. From here, you can either select a Gateway and use the ellipsis menu to perform a management task. You can also click a Gateway to open a view displaying Gateway details where you can also perform the same tasks. The tasks are described below.


Allows you to enable or disable the Gateway.


A RAS Secure Gateway is monitored and logs are created containing relevant information. To configure logging click one of the following:

  • Configure: Allows you to configure logging. For the explanation of log levels, please see below.

  • Retrieve: Retrieves a ZIP archive containing the log files to the specified location.

  • Clear: Clears all existing logs.

The available log levels are:

  • Standard: This is the standard log level that records only the most important events. Unless you are asked by Parallels RAS support to use one of the log levels described below, you should always use this one.

  • Extended: This logging involves more information than the standard logging, but it slows down the system because of the additional information that it needs to collect.

  • Verbose: Verbose logging involves even more information than the extended logging and can slow down your system significantly.

Please note that to avoid degraded performance, extended and verbose logging should only be enabled for a limited time period (enough to collect the necessary information for analysis). You can set this time period using Reset to the standard level after option. The default value is 12 hours. In specific cases, a Parallels support engineer will advise you whether this time period should be set to a different value. Once this time period is over, the log level will be reset back to standard.

Other actions

  • Refresh: Refreshes the displayed Gateway information.

  • Site defaults: Opens the Site defaults view.

  • Delete: Removes the Gateway from the Farm.

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