Providers are hypervisors or cloud-based virtualization solutions that can be added to a RAS Farm to use virtual machines as Virtual Desktops.

Please note that at the time of this writing, the Provider functionality in the RAS Management Portal is limited to viewing the available providers, hosts, and active sessions. To perform other Provider tasks, please use the desktop-based Parallels RAS Console.

Provider list

To see the list of providers, navigate to Infrastructure > Providers.

To add or remove columns to/from the Providers table, click the gear icon and select or clear desired columns.

To perform a task, select a provider in the list and choose one of the following from the ellipsis menu:

  • Show hosted VDI desktops: Opens the Host list with a filter applied to show only the hosts that belong to this provider.

  • Show active sessions: Opens the Sessions list with a filter applied to show only session that belong to this provider.

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