Desktop Access

The Desktop Access category allows you to restrict remote desktop access to certain users.

To use default settings, select the Inherit default settings option. See the Using default settings subsection above.

By default, all users who have access to remote applications on an RD Session Host can also connect to the host via a standard RDP connection. If you want to restrict remote desktop access to certain users, do the following:

  1. Select the Restrict direct desktop access to the following users option. If you have the Inherit default settings option selected, click the Edit Defaults link to see (and modify if needed) the default configuration. The rest of the steps apply to both the Host Properties and Default Host Properties dialogs.

  2. Click the plus-sign icon.

  3. Select the desired users. To include multiple users, separate them by a semicolon.

  4. Click OK.

Users in this list will still be able to access remote applications using Parallels Client, but will be denied direct remote desktop access to this host.

Please note that members of the Administrator group will still be able to connect to the remote desktop even if they are included in this list.

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