Active Sessions

To view and manage active session on the RD Session Host, click Active Sessions in the navigation bar. To see the detailed session information, click the user name in the list. This opens the Session Info view. For a detailed description of session metrics, please see Session information.

To perform an action on a session (or multiple sessions), select it in the list and click the ellipsis menu. Choose from one of the following items:

  • Show session info: Opens the Session Info view.

  • Message: Send a message to the session owner.

  • Disconnect: Disconnect the session.

  • Log off: Log off the session.

  • Show resources: Opens a view displaying running resources.

  • Show running processes: Opens a view displaying running processes.

  • Monitoring settings: Opens a dialog where you can configure monitoring settings to highlight values in session metrics for RD Session Hosts. The dialog lists available metrics and allows you to set Warning and Critical thresholds for a given metric. To set a threshold, select the checkbox in front of a metric name and specify the desired values. During the RAS Farm operation, when a threshold is reached, a session metric value is highlighted as follows: Warning threshold — orange; Critical threshold — red.

    To reset values for a given threshold, select it and choose Reset from the ellipsis menu (or right-click > Reset). You can also enable or disable threshold color coding for a metric. To do so, select a metric and choose Enable or Disable from the ellipsis menu.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the list.

  • Export: Exports the information to a CSV file.

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