The Monitoring category gives you access to the RAS Performance Monitor, which is a browser-based dashboard designed to help administrators analyze Parallels RAS deployment bottlenecks and resource usage. The dashboard provides a visual display of performance metrics, which can be viewed in the Parallels RAS Console or in a web browser.


Parallels RAS Performance Monitor consists of the following components:

  • InfluxDB database — a database for storage of system performance data.

  • Grafana dashboard — a browser-based dashboard providing a visual display of performance metrics.

  • Telegraf service — a service that collects performance data on a server where it is installed. The service is installed automatically when you add a server to a Parallels RAS Farm and install a corresponding RAS Agent on it (e.g. RAS Secure Gateway Agent, RD Session Host Agent, Remote PC Agent, etc.).

How it works

The Telegraf service is stopped by default, so it doesn't collect any data. To start the service on each server in the Farm, the performance monitoring functionality must be configured and enabled in the Parallels RAS Console and/or Parallels Management Portal. Once enabled, the Telegraf service begins collecting a predefined set of performance counters at a fixed time interval (10 seconds). It then sends the collected data to the InfluxDB database for storage. To view performance metrics, the Parallels RAS administrator uses the Monitoring category of Parallels RAS Management Portal, which displays the visual representation of performance counters in real time (using Grafana dashboard).

The performance metrics are grouped in the dashboard by type (Session, CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.), so the administrator can view each group of metrics separately. The administrator can also select whether to view performance metrics for one or more specific servers or for all servers in the Farm or Site. In addition, the administrator can select a specific Site for which the data should be displayed.

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