Publishing is a process of making a resource available in Parallels RAS for end users. The resources that can be published from RAS Management Portal include:

  • Application

  • Desktop

  • Document

  • Folder on the file system

Publishing is performed from the Publishing category in the RAS Management Portal.

When you select the Publishing category, the published resources are displayed in the middle pane. When you select a resource, the information about it is displayed in the right pane. If a resource is placed in a folder, you first need to expand the folder and then select the resource. To modify an existing published resource, click the Edit button in the top-right corner of the right pane.

To perform publishing tasks, use the menu bar at the top of the middle pane. From here, you can publish a new resource, add a folder (e.g. to group resources of the same type), duplicate a resource, enable or disable a resource, sort the list, and perform some other tasks.

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