Manage published resources

To view published resources, select the Publishing category in the RAS Management Port.

The Publishing pane lists currently published resources. You can rearrange the list by dragging an item and dropping it in a desired row.

Use the ellipsis menu to perform general management tasks. The menu has the following options:

  • Add: Starts the publishing wizard. The plus-sign icon is the corresponding toolbar item for this menu option.

  • Duplicate: Creates a copy of a selected resource.

  • New Folder: Creates a folder in the Publishing list. This is a virtual folder, used only to group resources in the application list. The folder will appear in the application listing in Parallels Client. The folder icon is the corresponding toolbar item for this menu option.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the displayed information.

  • Set Status: Enable/disable a resource or put it into maintenance mode. A disabled resource is unavailable to users. A resource in maintenance shows up in the list on the client side but cannot be used. When the status of a resource is changed to "Disabled" or "In maintenance", the resource name in the list becomes grayed and the current state is indicated in parentheses.

  • Move Up: Moves a published resource up in the list. This does not change the resource ID or anything else.

  • Move Down: Moves a resource down in the list.

  • Sort: Sorts resources alphabetically. For this action item to become enabled, you must select the Published Resources node (the topmost one) or a folder containing individual resources.

  • Delete: Deletes a published resource. This only removes the published resource from the Farm. The actual application is not affected.

Additional information

The subsequent sections describe how to manage individual published resources of different types.

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