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When publishing an application using a wizard, you specify multiple application parameters such as name, executable path, etc. You can modify these options after the application has been published.

To modify a published application, select it in the Publishing pane and then click Edit in the right pane to enable editing. Modify the application properties as described below.

Note that most of the settings here are the same as the settings in the application publishing wizard. For details about individual settings, please also see Publish an application. The descriptions below focus on settings that are not available in the wizard and can only be set here.


Most of the settings in this view are the same as in the publishing wizard. The new set of options is Per server settings. If the application is published from multiple servers, you can set the following application properties individually for each server:

  • Target

  • Start in

  • Parameters

As an example, you can change the above properties when different servers have the application installed in different folders, so that the Target and Start in field values are valid on each server.


The options in the Filtering category are not available in the publishing wizard and can only be set here. The category is common for published resources of all types. For complete details, see Using filtering rules.


Please see Configuring preferred routing.


This view allows you to configure where a shortcut for the application is created on a user device. These settings are inherited from site defaults, but can be customized for a given application. For details, please see Site defaults (Publishing).

File extension

This category allows you to modify file extension association for the application. To add, remove, or modify an entry, select the Associate File Extensions option. To add a new extension to the list, choose Add from the ellipsis menu and specify the desired extension. To modify an existing association, select the extension in the list and choose Properties from the ellipsis menu.


See Site defaults (Publishing).


See Site defaults (Publishing).

If you made changes, click the Save button or click Cancel to discard them.

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