Manage published desktops

To modify a published desktop, select it in the Publishing view. To view and modify desktop settings, use the navigation bar in the middle pane. To edit settings, click the Edit button.


This view lists other navigation bar items with short descriptions. You can click items here or in the navigation bar.

Publish from

Lists hosts or host pools from which the desktop is published. Use the Publish from drop-down list to switch between individual hosts or host pools. Select or clear hosts or host pools as needed.


This view displays the published desktop settings. For the description of how to configure these settings, please see Publish a desktop.


The settings in the Filtering view are not available in the publishing wizard and can only be set here. The settings are common for published resources of all types. For complete details, see Using filtering rules.


Please see Configuring preferred routing.


This view allows you to configure where a shortcut for the published desktop is created on a user device. These settings are inherited from site defaults, but can be customized for a given published resource. For details, please see Site defaults (Publishing).

If you made changes, click the Save button or click Cancel to discard them.

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