Publish a folder on the file system

To publish a folder on the file system:

  1. In the RAS Management Portal, select the Publishing category

  2. In the middle pane, click the plus-sign icon (or choose Add from the ellipsis menu). The publishing wizard opens.

  3. On the Publishing Type page, select Folder on the file system and click Next.

  4. On the Sites page, select one or more Sites (if available) from which the application should be available.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Publish from page, select from the following options:

    • All servers in the Site: Publish from all hosts that are available in this Site.

    • Server host pools: Specify one or more host pools from which to publish the application.

    • Individual servers: Specify one or more specific individual hosts.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the Folder page, specify the following:

    • Name: Type a name for this folder.

    • Description: Type an optional description.

    • Window mode: Select a window mode from Normal, Maximized, or Minimized.

    • UNC path: Enter the UNC path of the folder you wish to publish.

    • Icon: Select a folder icon.

  9. On the next page, specify the initial status of the resource (the folder). Choose from the following options:

    • Enabled: End users can open the resource.

    • Disabled: The resource will not appear in Parallels Client.

    • In maintenance: The resource will appear in Parallels Client but users will not be able to use it. When a resource is in maintenance and a user tries to open it, they will see a message. To customize the message, click the Configure button. For more info, see Site Defaults (Publishing).

  10. Click Next and then click Finish to publish the folder.

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