Running resources

To see the list of published resources currently running on all hosts, navigate to Sessions > Running Resources.

Some of the notable columns in the list are:

  • Published name: Published resource name (as seen in the Publishing category).

  • ID: The published resource ID (as seen in the Publishing category).

  • Description: Published resource description.

  • Process name: The corresponding process name.

  • User: Session owner.

  • Session ID: Session ID.

  • Session host: Session host name.

  • Source: Session source (RDSH, VDI).

To perform a task on a resource, select it in the list and click the ellipsis menu. Some of the tasks include:

  • Message: Send a message to the session owner.

  • Disconnect: Disconnects the session.

  • Log off: Log off the session.

  • Show running processes: Opens the Running Processes view for the session host with the corresponding PID filter applied.

  • Show user session: Opens to the Session Info view.

  • Show information: Displays the resource summary info and the session information. The session information includes the same metrics as described in Session information.

  • Monitoring settings: See the description of the Monitoring settings menu option in the User sessions topic.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the list.

  • Export: Exports the resource info to a CSV file.

To see the detailed published resource information, click the resource name. This opens a view displaying the basic published resource information (ID, name, target, etc.) and the corresponding session information. For the detailed description of session metrics, please see Session information. Clicking the resource name takes you to the Publishing category where the published resource is configured. The items in the navigation bar perform the same actions as the corresponding menu items described above.

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