Session information

To view user sessions, navigate to Sessions > User Sessions. The list contains user sessions from hosts of all available types, including RD Session Hosts and VDI.

To show or hide table columns, click the gear icon and select or clear column names.

To view session details, choose a session and click the user name. This opens the Session Info view displaying the session information.

The following groups are displayed:

  • Session Setup: Contains general session information.

  • Session Details: Displays the current session state, logon time, in/out data size, and general session information.

  • User Experience: Displays metrics that can be used to evaluate user experience.

  • Logon Details: Displays logon metrics that can be used to evaluate the logon process.

  • Connection Details: Displays connection and authentication details.

  • Client Details: Displays information about the user device and Parallels Client type and version.

Parallels RAS 18 introduces over 25 new session detail metrics available. The tables below give an overview of these new and some of the important preexisting metrics.

Note: The latest Parallels Client is required for some of the new metrics to be shown.

Session Setup

* New since Parallels RAS 18.1

Session Details

* New since Parallels RAS 18.0

User Experience

* New in Parallels RAS 18.0

Logon Details

* New since Parallels RAS 18.0

Connection Details

Client Details

* New since Parallels RAS 18.0

Export session information

To export the session information to a CSV file, click Export in the navigation bar and specify the location and file name.

You can also export session information from the main session list by clicking the ellipsis menu and choosing Export. Note that depending on what is selected in the list, the following will be exported:

  • A single session — the information about that session is exported.

  • Multiple sessions — the information for all selected sessions is exported.

  • No selection — the information about all current sessions is exported. Exported CSV includes the exported session details along with export detail in the following format:

Session details (%Server type% such as RD Session Hosts) from Parallels RAS Farm %Farm name% and Site %Site name% exported by %Administrator% on %date% at %time%

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