Site Category

The Site category gives you an overview of the current Site and displays notification about important events, such as licensing issues, RAS Agents requiring update, etc.

The main view of the Site category consists of the sections described below.

RAS Infrastructure

Displays core RAS components, such as RAS Connection Broker and RAS Secure Gateway. If you have more than one component of a particular type, the number of installed component is displayed on the right side.

You can click a component to go to the management view. You can also open a management view from Infrastructure category (more about it later in this guide).


This section displays session and license usage information. To jump to the session or license management views, click the corresponding link.


The Hosts section displays information about available session hosts, including RD Session Hosts and VDI (if available). You can click the available links to go to the management view for a given host type or Provider. The host information includes the number of active sessions on host, whether there's an issues with the host requiring attention, and whether the host is currently disabled.

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