Updating RAS Agents

When you add Parallels RAS components to a Farm, you install a corresponding RAS Agent on them. This includes RAS Connection Broker, RD Session Host Agent, Provider Agent, Guest Agent, Remote PC Agent. In addition to the functionality that allows you to check agent status, and update it if necessary, you can do a bulk agent update or upgrade.

There are two ways you can find out if agents need to be updated. You can be notified by Parallels RAS or you can check the status and initiate the update procedure manually.

When you open the RAS Management Portal, you may see a message saying that RAS Agents require update. You can start the update procedure by clicking the Update link, which is included in the message box.

To initiate the procedure manually, select the Site category click the Update all agents link. Follow the onscreen instructions and select the servers on which an agent requires an update or upgrade. Please note that if all agents on all servers are up to date, the Update all agents link will not be shown.

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