Remote Screen Settings

The Remote screen section allows you to modify the following settings:

  • Orientation. Choose the preferred screen orientation between Portrait, Landscape, and Auto.

  • Change resolution. If Orientation is set to Auto, choose whether to change the screen resolution when the orientation changes.

  • Show toolbar. Select or deselect this option to show or hide the Application Toolbar.

  • Show text selection toolbar. Deselect this option if you don't need the text selection toolbar that is usually displayed at the top of the screen when you select some text in a remote text editing application (e.g., MS Word, Wordpad, etc.).

Note: To detect selected area in a wide range of published applications, Parallels Client uses heuristic approach based on image analysis and the information about system palette, active application, etc. provided by the server. Unfortunately, some apps use custom or modified system palette to display content, including text, background and selection colors, which prevents Parallels Client from detecting selected area with 100% accuracy.

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