User Input Settings

The User input section allows you to modify the following settings:

  • Send Unicode characters. Enable this option if you want the keyboard to send characters as unicode instead of scancode.

  • Enable Touch Mode in Microsoft Office. Use this option to enable or disable Touch Mode in Microsoft Office applications.

  • Swap mouse buttons. Enable this option to swap the mouse buttons on the remote server.

  • Use PC keyboard. When you're working with published applications and a text field gets focus, a mobile keyboard pops up. By default, an Android native keyboard is used.

    If you experience any input problems (for example, the keyboard types wrong keys), try to switch to a PC keyboard. Enable Use PC keyboard and choose the keyboard language you need from the PC keyboard layout list.

Note: If you have changed the keyboard language (for example, from English to German or French), you need to log off for the changes to take effect. Before you log off, save all your files in remote applications - unsaved data will be lost.

To log off:

  1. Tap the Back arrow until you get to the list of remote applications.

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