Work with Remote Apps on Big Screen

Sometimes working with applications on a small screen is inconvenient, especially when you have to scroll the app window left/right/up/down, select or tap small GUI elements, or type a lot of text...

But now, starting from version 17.1, Parallels Client supports the Samsung DeX feature (it was first included on Galaxy S8 smartphones). So if you use a Samsung mobile device with DeX support, you can work with Parallels Client, remote apps and desktops either in the full-screen mode or side by side with other Android apps on a big display (you can use an external monitor or TV).

To make the desktop experience even more convenient for you, the Parallels engineers implemented support for keyboard and mouse. Now you can type in remote apps using the keyboard, click or right-click various GUI items with the mouse and scroll page content with the mouse wheel.

You can also use system shortcuts (e.g., "Alt + Tab", "Windows + D", etc.) while working with remote apps and desktops. When you press them on the keyboard connected to the DeX Station, they are not intercepted by Android.

And that's not all - if you need to go somewhere, take your mobile device with you. Parallels Client smoothly switches between the DeX and phone modes without interrupting your working session.

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