Configuring Global Options

To configure Parallels Client for Linux global options, click Tools > Options on the main toolbar.


The Connection tab page allows you to configure connection options:

  • When all sessions are closed. Specifies what happens when all user sessions are closed:

    • Do nothing. Nothing happens.

    • Lock workstation. The computer is locked.

    • Sign out from workstation. The current user is signed out from their account.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab page allows you to configure advanced options:

  • Language. Allows you to select the graphical user interface language.

  • Always on top. With this option enabled, other applications will no longer mask the launcher.

  • Do not warn if server certificate is not verified. When connected over SSL, and the certificate is not verified, a warning message will be displayed. You can disable this warning message by enabling this option.

  • Show folders page. Enabling this option will show the available folders while showing the hierarchy of the application groups as configured on the server.

  • Swap mouse buttons. Swap mouse left and right buttons.

  • Minimize to tray on close or escape. Enable this feature to place the Parallels Client into the System Tray when you click on the Close button or hit escape.

Keyboard Layout

The Keyboard Layout tab page allows you to select a keyboard layout to use in the graphical user interface. Select System Default to use the default layout or select User defined and then select a keyboard from the list.


The General tab page allows you to configure general options:

  • Logging. The Enable extended logging option enables or disables logging. Click the View Log button to view the log. Click the Clear Log File button to remove the information from the file. A log file contains information about standard Parallels Client actions, including establishing a connection, connection retries, starting of applications, and some others.

  • Check for updates on startup. This option is available only with administrative rights. If this option is selected, Parallels Client will check for available Parallels Client updates on startup. You can also click the Check for updates now button to check for updates at any time.

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