RDP Options

-H: client hostname.

-T: window title for desktop connection.

-w: override desktop width. It should be used with -h parameter.

-h: override desktop height. It should be used with -w parameter.

-g, -geometry {width}x{height}[{+-}{xoff}[{+-}{yoff}]]:

standard application geometry, should be used with -m MS parameter only.

-c: connection color depth in bits (default: 24 bits).

-1: force seamless application placement on primary monitor only.

-X: embed into another window with a given id, should be used with -m MS parameter only.

-K: keep window manager key bindings.

-e: RDP experience one or more ORed value(s) from:

0x7F to disable everything

0x01 to disable wallpapers

0x02 to disable full window drag

0x04 to disable menu animations

0x08 to disable theming

0x20 to disable cursor shadow

0x40 to disable cursor blinking

0x80 to enable font smoothing

0x00 to disable nothing (default)

-z: RDP compression

0x00 to disable nothing (default)

0x01 to disable compression

0x02 to limit to RDP4 compression

0x03 to limit to RDP5 compression

-t: maximum network timeout in seconds (default: 5 seconds)

-l: locale identifier in HEX format (default: 0x0409 - English (United States))

--admin or -q: connect to administer server

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