Using an RDP Connection

To connect to a remote computer, double-click an RDP connection (or right-click > Connect). Please note that if the password specified in the connection properties has expired or will expire soon, you will see a corresponding message on the screen. If the password has expired, you'll be asked to change it. If the password will expire soon, you will be offered to change it now or later. Simply follow the instructions and change (or postpone if you wish) your password.

You can have multiple active connections at the same time (both standard RDP and RAS). To switch between active connections in Parallels Client, click a connection in the left pane or click the corresponding tab page in the right pane.

Right-click an active RDP connection to perform the following actions:

  • Connect. This menu item is disabled for an active connection.

  • Connection Properties. Display the connection properties dialog where you can view (but not modify) the connection properties. To modify the connection properties, you must disconnect it first.

  • Create Shortcut. Creates a shortcut for this connection on the local desktop.

  • Delete Shortcut from Desktop. Deletes the shortcut from the local desktop that was previously created by clicking the Create Shortcut menu item.

  • Disconnect. Disconnects the connection.

  • Delete. Deletes a connection. A confirmation dialog is displayed before the connection is deleted.

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