Device Options

-P: redirect printer(s) (this flag can be repeated), can be

"printcap" to use printers from '/etc/printcap'

use this option if printcap was configured to contain driver name as printer comment:


"printername" to use default printer driver

"printername=drivername" to specify driver name

-S: redirect sound, can be

"off" to disable sound (default)

"local"= quality to bring it to the client with:

"normal" for normal quality

"good" for good quality (default)

"verygood" for very good quality

"remote" to leave it on the server

-D: redirect drive(s) (this flag can be repeated), can be


-O [option]: redirect serial ports (this flag can be repeated with option)

"off" to disable port redirection (default)

"auto" for COM1=/dev/ttyS0, COM2=/dev/ttyS1, LPT1=/dev/lp0

or option to override local device path: COM1=/dev/debugtty

-C: redirect smart card reader; pcscd smart card manager should be installed in order to use this feature.

-U [options]: redirect URI. options are comma separated list of:

"off" disable URI redirection (default).

"url" redirect URL (http: and https:).

"mailto" redirect Mail (mailto:).

Use "url,mailto" to redirect both URL and Mail.

-k [command]: execute special command in active session, where command is one of:

"logoff" gracefully log off a published application session.

"disconnect" gracefully disconnect a session.

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