The Display tab page allows you to configure display options.

  • Color Depth. Specify the desired color depth.

  • Size. This option is available for standard RDP connections only.

  • Graphics Acceleration. Choose the graphics encoding. The more advanced the acceleration, the better will be the quality of the graphics. Please keep in mind that higher quality accelerations require more processing power and faster network.

Note: The acceleration setting does not affect connections with color depth less than 32 bit.

  • None. No graphics acceleration.

  • Basic. Basic acceleration.

  • RemoteFX. More powerful graphics acceleration using the RemoteFX codec.

  • RemoteFX Adaptive. Best graphics acceleration using RemoteFX Adaptive and H.264 codecs.

Note: If you select RemoteFX or RemoteFX Adaptive, the color depth is forced to 32 bit.

  • Published Applications - Use primary monitor only. If selected, only the primary monitor connected to your Mac will be used to display remote applications.

  • Desktop Options - Span desktops across all monitors. If selected, remote desktops will be spanned across all connected monitors.

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