Changing Your Domain Account Password

If you need to change your domain account password, you can do it right from Parallels Client.

Note: If your domain password will expire soon, you will see a notification in the Windows taskbar (above the Parallels Client icon) when you connect to Parallels RAS. To change your domain password at that time, click on the notification itself, which will open the Change Domain Password dialog, or you can close the notification and change the password later as described below.

To change your domain password (if required or for any other reason):

  1. Click Main menu > Change Domain Password (or right-click a connection and choose Change Domain Password).

  2. In the Logon dialog, type your current password and click OK.

  3. In the Change Domain Password dialog, enter a new password in both fields. The password must meet the requirements set by your system administrator. The requirements are displayed in the dialog, and the password that you enter is validated against these requirements. To proceed with changing your password, all of the requirements must be met.

  4. Once the password requirements are met, click Change Password.

Your domain account password is now changed. Your existing connections in Parallels Client are automatically updated to use the new password.

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