Working with Remote Applications

When a remote application is launched on your PC, you can work with it just like you would with a local application, which includes the following standard tasks:

  • Open local files in the application.

  • Create new files and save them locally.

  • Maximize and minimize the application (if it has the controls for it).

  • Move the application around Windows desktop.

  • Pin the application icon to taskbar (the icon will stay in taskbar even after you close Parallels Client).

  • Print documents or graphics to a local printer.

  • Use a local scanner.

Drag and drop functionality

You can drag and drop files to and from remote applications. For example, you can drag and drop a local file to a remote application to open it, or you can drag and drop a file from the remote Windows Explorer to the local Explorer. You can also drag and drop objects like images and text from/to remote applications. Some limitations apply, so it may not work for all types of files and applications. The list bellow describes formats that are supported:

  • Files — files can be dragged from Windows Explorer and dropped to a remote application. The remote application will open the file given that it has access to the file itself. Any changes are done to the original file.

  • Virtual file contents — dragging of virtual files similar to dragging attachments from a mail client to a remote application. A copy of the file is used temporarily. Usually the original file is not modified.

  • Global data formats — dragging of elements like images or text blocks. This highly depends on the format itself, so it is not guaranteed that all applications and formats will work.

  • EMF format — when combining images and text, some applications convert the data into EMF (Enhanced Metafile), which is supported.

When you drag and drop a file or an object that contains a large amount of data, a notification dialog will be shown on the screen while the operation is in progress. The dialog will display the info that drag and drop is in progress and will contain the RAS connection name to or from which the data is being transfered. Please note that while drag and drop is in progress, you cannot interact with the source and destination folders or applications, so you have to wait until the notification dialog closes.

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