Add workspaces

A workspace is a logical grouping of application groups in Azure Virtual Desktop. Each Azure Virtual Desktop application group must be associated with a workspace for users to see the remote apps and desktops published to them.

To add a workspace:

  1. Select whether you want to create a new workspace or select an existing one:

    • To select an existing workspace, click the [...] button next to the Name field.

    • To create a new workspace, type a name and optional description. Select an existing or create a new resource group. Specify a location. Note that the location that you select here will be used for all Azure Virtual Desktop objects, including workspaces, host pools, and application groups.

    In the Friendly name field, specify the friendly name that will be used for the workspace in Azure Virtual Desktop and Parallels RAS.

  2. Click Next, review the summary and click Finish.

The last page of the wizard has the Launch Azure Virtual Desktop host pool wizard option selected by default. This will automatically open the Add Azure Virtual Desktop Host Pool wizard when you click FInish.

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