Manage workspaces (Azure Virtual Desktop)

A workspace is a logical grouping of application groups in Azure Virtual Desktop. Each Azure Virtual Desktop application group must be associated with a workspace for users to see published remote apps and desktops.

To manage Azure Virtual Desktop workspaces, navigate to Farm > Site > Azure Virtual Desktop and select the Workspaces tab.

To add a workspace:

  1. Click Tasks > Add to open the Add Azure Virtual Desktop Workspace wizard.

  2. Select a provider at the top of the wizard page (if you have more than one). You can also create a new provider right from this page. If you wish to do so, click the New provider button to open another wizard. For details, see Manage providers.

  3. After selecting (or creating) a provider, complete the workspace wizard as described in Add an Azure Virtual Desktop workspace.

To view properties of an existing workspace, right-click it and choose Properties. You can enable or disable the workspace and modify the workspace description and friendly name. Other properties are read-only. Note that if you disable the workspace, all associated objects, including host pools and published resources will also be disabled.

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