Configuring SMTP server connection for event notifications

The Mailbox tab in the Administration category allows you to configure an SMTP server for outgoing emails. The SMTP server is required for the administrator to receive system event alerts (as described in the previous sections) and to send invitation emails to users.

To configure an SMTP server:

  1. In the RAS Console, select the Administration category and then click the Mailbox tab.

  2. In the Mail Server field, type your mail server FDQN or IP address.

  3. In the TLS / SSL drop-down list, select whether to use it the protocol.

  4. Select the SMTP server requires authentication option if required and then type the SMTP server username and password in the fields provided.

  5. In the Sender information section, type the sender email address (e.g. your email).

  6. The Test mailbox settings section can be used to test your SMTP server configuration. Enter one or more email addresses separated by a semicolon. Click Send Test Email to test the settings.

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