Multi-factor authentication

Parallels RAS allows you to use multi-factor authentication for access control. When multi-factor authentication is used, users will have to authenticate through two successive stages to get the application list. While the first level will always use native authentication (Active Directory / LDAP), the second level can use one of the following solutions:


    • Azure MFA (RADIUS)

    • Duo (RADIUS)

    • FortiAuthenticator (RADIUS)

    • TekRADIUS

    • RADIUS

  • TOTP

    • Google Authenticator

    • Microsoft Authenticator

    • TOTP (Time-based one-time password)

Multi-factor authentication is more secure because instead of using a standard user name and password, it uses a static user name and a one-time password generated by a token.

Learn how to add an MFA provider in the Adding an MFA provider section.

See also Configuring MFA rules.

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