The Advanced tab lets you specify the error messages sent by the RADIUS server that will not be shown by Parallels Client. This can be useful if an error message is confusing for the user or disrupts user experience.

By default, the "New SMS passcodes sent." is added to the list of ignored messages for DUO Radius. This is done to make authentication via SMS easier for the user. It's not recommended to remove this message from the list of ignored messages.

To add a new message to the list of ignored messages:

  1. On the Advanced tab, Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon).

  2. Type the exact text of the error message you want to be ignored. Messages are not case sensitive. Please note that you have to specify only the text sent by the RADIUS server. For example, if Parallels Client shows an error that reads "Code [01/00000003] Logon using RADIUS failed. Error: New SMS passcodes sent.", you need to add "New SMS passcodes sent." to the list.

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