Remote session settings

The Settings tab in the Connection category allows you to configure the following remote session options.

Declare user session as idle after

This option affects reporting statistics, whereby a session is declared idle after the amount of time specified without any activity.

FIPS 140-2 encryption

The FIPS 140-2 encryption property allows you to specify whether FIPS-encrypted connections are allowed or even enforced on RAS Secure Gateways. When you allow (or enforce) the encryption, the Gateways will use the FIPS 140-2 encryption module. You can choose from the following options:

  • Disabled. FIPS 140-2 encryption is disabled on RAS Secure Gateways.

  • Allowed. RAS Secure Gateways accept both FIPS-encrypted and non-FIPS-encrypted connections.

  • Enforced. RAS Secure Gateways accept FIPS-encrypted connections and will drop any non-FIPS-encrypted connection.

Note: For FIPS 140-2 encryption to work, a FIPS compliant certificate must be installed on each RAS Secure Gateway.

When you enable FIPS 140-2 encryption, the encryption status is displayed on the Information > Site tab in the RAS Console. Look for the Encryption property of a RAS Secure Gateway.

Note: If you use FIPS, the minimum allowed version of TLS is automatically set to 1.2.

FIPS 140-2 encryption is supported in all versions of Parallels Client except for the following:

  • Parallels Client for Windows installed on Windows 8.1 and earlier

  • Parallels Client for Android

  • Parallels Client for iOS

  • Web Client

Note: Parallels Client for ARM64 does not support FIPS 140-2.

Please also note that when FIPS 140-2 encryption is enforced, it is enforced all users in a given Farm. If there's a necessity to force FIPS for one user group and not forced for another, a new Farm must be deployed for this purpose.

Automatically log out client idle connection after

Specifies the time period after which an idle client connection should be logged out. Once the connection is logged out, the user is disconnected from Parallels RAS and is presented with the Connections dialog in Parallels Client as a way to notify them that they were logged out. They can use the dialog to log back on if desired. Parallels Client connection is considered idle after the last user session has been disconnected or logged off.

Cached authentication token timeout

Specify the amount of time that a session is cached for (higher amount of time reduces AD transactions).

Clear cached authentication tokens (a button)

Clears all cached session information.

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