Adding an administrator account

To add an administrator account to the Parallels RAS Farm:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Administration> Accounts.

  2. Click the Tasks drop-down list and choose Add (or click the [+] icon).

  3. The Account Properties dialog opens.

  4. Click the [...] button next to the Name field. In the Select User or Group dialog, select a user or a group.

  5. Specify an email address and mobile phone number. Both fields are optional and are disabled if the account specified in the Name field is a group.

  6. In the Permissions drop-down list select a role to assign to the administrator:

    • Root administrator. Grants the administrator full permissions to manage the Farm.

    • Power administrator. Grants the administrator full permissions by default but allows you to limit them if needed. To grant or deny specific permissions, click the Change Permissions button. For additional info, see Administrator Account Permissions.

    • Custom administrator. This role doesn't have any permissions by default and allows you grant very specific permissions for a particular category, area, or object in the RAS Console. See Administrator Account Permissions for details.

  7. In the Receive system notifications via drop-down list, select Email to send all system notifications to the specified email address, or select None to disable email system notifications for this account.

  8. Click OK to add the new administrator account to the Farm.

Modifying an administrator account

To modify an account, select it in the list and click Tasks > Properties. This opens the Account Properties dialog where you can modify the account information.

To enable or disable an account, select or clear the Enable account option at the top of the Account Properties dialog.

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