Configure RAS Console idle sessions

If you have a number of administrators using the RAS Console to manage the same Farm, you can configure when an idle RAS Console session should be disconnected. By default, when an administrator opens the console and connects to a Farm but then forgets to log off and goes away, the session will stay active indefinitely possibly locking some of the categories for other administrators. You can change that by specifying the time period after which an idle session will be disconnected (thus unlocking the categories).

To configure idle sessions:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Administration > Settings.

  2. Locate the Miscellaneous section (at the bottom) and choose a desired time period in the Reset idle RAS Console session after drop-down list.

When a session stays idle for close to the specified time period, the administrator (session owner) will be notified a few minutes in advance that the session is about to be disconnected. If the administrator chooses to stay connected, the time period is reset. If the administrator does nothing, the session will be disconnected when the time expires.

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