HALB Device status and version number

HALB device status and version information can be verified in two places in the RAS Console, which are described below.

Site tab

You can view HALB devices and related information on the Site tab in the RAS Console. To see it, navigate to Farm > Site. Note the Agent and Agent Version columns. The two columns are described below.

The Agent column can have the following values:

  • Not verified (red) - The agent is not verified and cannot communicate. If you see this, verify the agent.

  • Needs update (yellow) - The agent is functioning normally but is an older version. If you see this, you should update the agent to the latest version.

  • Agent OK (green) - The agent is OK. No actions are necessary.

The Agent Version column displays the actual agent version, including the Parallels RAS version and build numbers.

You can also ping a HALB device by right-clicking it and choosing Tools > Ping host. For additional information about using the Tools menu and the Ping tool specifically, please see Computer management tools.

Devices tab

The HALB devices agent status and version can also be viewed in the main HALB subcategory. To see it, navigate to Farm > Site > HALB and select the Devices tab. The agent information displayed here is the same as on the Site tab described above.

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