To enable RAS REST API in a RAS Farm, you need to install the RAS Web Administration Service. It can be installed on the RAS Connection Broker server or any other server. If you install the service on a separate server, you will need to change its configuration (after the installation) to point to RAS Connection Broker. By default, the configuration points to "localhost".

Note: If you've already configured and are using Parallels RAS Management Portal, you may skip this step because you should already have the RAS Web Administration Service installed.

To install RAS Web Administration Service:

  1. Run the Parallels RAS installer on the RAS Connection Broker or any other server.

  2. On the Select Installation Type page, select Custom.

  3. On the next page, select to install the Parallels RAS Web Administration Service component.

  4. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.

Configure RAS Web Administration Service

If the RAS Web Administration Service was installed on a separate server, you need to modify its configuration and specify the RAS Connection Broker server address. You may also want to change the port number and certificate information in the same configuration file. For details about configuring RAS Web Administration Service, please refer to KB article

When modifying the service configuration, please note the following:

  • In the configuration JSON file, the RAS Connection Broker address is specified using the "LicenseServer" parameter.

  • The default HTTPS port number is set to 20443. This number is chosen not to conflict with RAS Secure Gateway ports. You can change it to 443 (if possible), so when opening the portal, you don't have to include the port in the URL.

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