Parallels® RAS Management Portal is a modern web-based configuration and administration console designed for Parallels RAS administrators using a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device to carry out configurations and day-to-day activities.

Parallels RAS Management Portal provides administrators with ability to:

  • Centrally deploy, manage, and configure essential Parallels RAS components such as RD Session Hosts, Connection Brokers and Secure Gateways.

  • Publish various resources from RD Session Hosts.

  • Configure FSLogix Profile Container settings.

  • Configure printing and scanning settings.

  • Manage SSL certificates.

  • Configure connection settings and MFA (Google Authenticator or other Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) apps such as Microsoft Authenticator).

  • Monitor and manage user sessions.

  • Manage administrative accounts and sessions

  • Configure mailbox.

  • Manage your license.

  • Contact support and provide necessary system reports.

Note: More features and capabilities that are currently available in the desktop-based Parallels RAS Console will be included in Parallels RAS Management Portal in future releases until it becomes the main management tool for Parallels RAS. Management of Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities included in Parallels RAS Management Portal are experimental and expected to be released in upcoming versions.

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