Access settings

The Theme settings described below apply to Parallels Client for all available platforms.

  • Override authentication domain: Allows you to specify a domain name that will be passed to Parallels Client, so users don't have to enter it manually. This setting overrides the domain name setting in Connection > Authentication. For more information, see Allowing users to change domain password.

  • Limit access to this Theme to members of these Active Directory groups: If this option is cleared, any Parallels RAS user can access the Theme if they know its URL. To limit access to a particular group (or groups), select this option and then click Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon) and select the desired group(s).

  • MFA provider: Select an MFA provider for the Theme.

  • (Default theme only) Allow gateway tunneling connections: Allow gateway tunneling connections for the deafult theme.

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