Parallels Client for Windows settings

Panes under the Windows client heading allow you to configure Theme settings for Parallels Client for Windows. By configuring a Windows client Theme, you can make the client appear to end users as your organization requires.


On the Branding pane, specify the following:

  • Company name: Used to create the Start menu hierarchy: Start \ Company Name \ App Name.

  • Application name: Displayed in the app caption and the Start menu entry name.

  • Connection banner: Displayed when a connection is being established.

  • Application icon: The application icon used for the Start menu and by the main app window.


To override the default post-logon message, select the Override post-logon message option and enter a message.

Custom menu

The Custom Menu pane allows you add a menu item to the Help menu in white-labeled Parallels Client for Windows. For example, if you enter "&Notepad" in the Menu item field and "notepad.exe" in the Command field, a new menu item will appear under the Help menu in every white-labeled Parallels Client for Windows connecting to this Farm. The item will be named Notepad (with the "N" being the shortcut) and it will open the Notepad.exe application when clicked. The Command field can contain an executable name, a URL, or any other command that can be properly executed on a Windows machine. For instance, you can add a menu item specifying a URL of your Helpdesk solution, so your users can easily reach it when needed.

Create Windows client package for mass distribution

After configuring a Windows Client Theme, you can create a Windows client package for mass distribution as follows:

  1. While still in the Windows client section of the Theme Properties dialog, click the Generate Windows client package button.

  2. In the dialog that opens, specify the following options:

    • Specify the target folder on your local computer where the package will be created.

    • Select or clear the "Open the folder in Windows Explorer .... " option as needed.

  3. Click Generate. This will create the ClientDownloader.exe file. When you run the file, it will download the latest version of Parallels Client for Windows installer (MSI) and will apply your custom Theme to it.

You can now distribute the installer to end users. When they run the installer, it will install Parallels Client for Windows with all customizations (start menu shortcuts, desktop shortcut, images and icons) specified in the Theme. In the future, if you need to upgrade an installed copy of Parallels Client for Windows to a newer version, you don't need to repeat the instructions described above. Simply upgrade the older version and the branding features will remain intact.

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