The Branding category allows you to customize the appearance of User Portal pages.

The following properties can be customized:

  • Webpage title: Specifies the title that appears on the webpage. You can type any title you like.

  • Login to: Specifies a name that will appear in the User Portal login dialog. For example, if you type "ABC" here, the login page will say, "Log in to ABC". There are two predefined variables that you can use here: %FARM% (the actual Farm name; this is the default value) and %SITE% (the Licensing Site name).

  • Company logo: Displays the image which is displayed on the User Portal page header. To change the image, select browse and then specify the image file. Note that changing the logo image also removes the default Remote Application Server part from the page header.

  • Favicon icon: Displays the currently set favicon icon. To change the icon, click Browse and select an icon file.

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