Hiding toolbar items

You can hide the clipboard and file transfer items on the toolbar if you believe that it's a security risk. The clipboard can be disabled on a RAS Secure Gateway or Client Policy level.

To disable the clipboard for a Secure Gateway:

  1. In the Parallels RAS Console, navigate to Farms > <Site> > Secure Gateways.

  2. Right-click a desired RAS Secure Gateway and choose Properties.

  3. Select the User Portal tab and clear the Allow clipboard command option in the Restrictions section.

You can also disable the clipboard on the Client Policy level, which will disable it for a given user or user group on any Gateway they connect to:

  1. In the Parallels RAS Console, select the Policies category.

  2. Right-click a policy and choose Properties.

  3. Select the Connection Properties item in the left pane and then select the Local Resources tab in the right pane.

  4. In the Local devices and resources section, clear the Clipboard option.

Note: Please note that when enabling or disabling the clipboard on a client policy level, this will also affect the clipboard functionality on desktop and mobile versions of Parallels Client. This means that if you disable the clipboard, the desktop and mobile device users will not be able to use their local clipboard when working with a remote application.

You can also disable the file upload and file download items on the toolbar. For instructions, please read the Configuring remote file transfer section.

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