Using the remote clipboard

The Remote Clipboard allows you to copy and paste text between your local client system and a remote application or desktop. The clipboard is accessed from the toolbar.

Note: In Parallels RAS 18.2 and newer, you can copy and paste plain text between a local device and remote session without using the Remote Clipboard. For more information, see Native clipboard experience.

To use the clipboard:

  1. Expand the toolbar click the [A] icon.

  2. This opens the Remote Clipboard window. On the screenshot below, a remote desktop toolbar is shown. A remote application toolbar looks differently, but it functions exactly the same.

  3. To copy text from the local computer to a remote application, type (or paste) it in the Remote Clipboard window. The text is automatically saved on the remote computer clipboard, so you can use a standard paste command (e.g. Ctrl+V) to paste it into a remote application.

  4. To copy text from a remote application to the Remote Clipboard window, highlight it and use the standard copy command (e,g, Ctrl+C). The text will appear in the Remote Clipboard window from where you can copy it to a local application.

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