Install RAS Performance Monitor


Parallels RAS Performance Monitor is a separate component of Parallels RAS with its own installer. It can be installed on a dedicated server or on a server hosting any of the Parallels RAS components. When you run the installer, the InfluxDB database and the Grafana dashboard service are automatically installed. For additional info, see the Installation subsection below.

The following firewall rules (open ports) are automatically added on the server where you install Parallels RAS Performance Monitor:

  • TCP port 8086 (used by the InfluxDB database).

  • TCP port 3000 (used by the Grafana performance dashboard).


To install Parallels RAS Performance Monitor:

  1. Download the Parallels RAS Performance Monitor installer from

  2. Run the installation wizard (the RASPerformanceMonitor.msi file) and follow the onscreen instructions.

  3. Close the wizard when finished.

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