Publishing a document

To publish a document, follow the below procedure:

  1. In the RAS Console, select the Publishing category and then click the Add icon below the Published Resources tree (or right-click inside the Published Resources box and click Add in the context menu). This will launch the publishing wizard.

Note: If the wizard has all options disabled, it means that there are no resources (servers) in the Farm from which publishing can be configured.

  1. On the Select Item Type wizard page, select Document and click Next.

  2. Select the server type from which to publish and click Next.

Note: If you want to publish from a pool-based Remote PC, select the Virtual Guest option. The Remote PC option there is for standalone Remote PCs.

  1. Specify the content type of the document you want to publish. You can select the content type from the predefined list or specify a custom content type in the Custom content types input field.

  2. Click Next when ready.

  3. On the Publish From page, page, select the server(s) to publish from. Note that if you have just one server, the Publish From page will not appear.

  4. On the Application page, enter a name, an optional description, a Window state, and an icon if needed.

  5. Use the [...] button next to the Target input field to browse for the document. All other fields will be automatically populated. To edit any of the auto populated fields, highlight them and enter the required details.

  6. (Optional) In the Parameters input field, specify the parameters to pass to the application when it starts.

Note: Use the Server(s) drop-down list to specify different document settings for a specific server in case the document is configured differently on that particular server. The settings will be saved for each server you select individually.

  1. (VDI only) Select the Persistent option to make a guest VM persistent. For more info, see Persistent guest VMs.

  2. (Remote PC only) Click the [...] button in the Remote PC Settings section to select a Remote PC from which the application should be published. In the box that opens, double-click a PC to select it.

  3. On the next page, specify the initial status of the resource. Choose from Enabled (end users can launch the resource), Disabled (the resource will not appear in Parallels Client), In maintenance (the resource will appear in Parallels Client but users will not be able to launch it). When a resource is in maintenance and a user tries to launch it, they will see a message. To customize the message, click the Configure button. For more info, see Site defaults (Publishing).

  4. Click Finish to publish the document.

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