Deploying Tenant Broker and Tenants

A typical scenario of deploying the multi-tenant architecture of Parallels RAS consists of the following steps:

  1. Deploy Tenant Broker.

  2. Deploy a traditional RAS Farm to operate as a Tenant.

  3. Configure network between the Tenant Broker and the Tenant to allow the following connections:

    • Shared RAS Secure Gateways to Tenant RAS Connection Brokers.

    • Shared RAS Secure Gateways to resources hosts.

    • Tenant RAS Connection Brokers to Tenant Broker RAS Connection Broker.

    For the information about ports numbers, please see Communication ports.

  4. Create a Tenant object and a corresponding invitations hash in the Tenant Broker console, or create a secret key (more on this later in this chapter).

  5. Join the Tenant to the Tenant Broker using the invitation hash or the secret key.

  6. Assign a public domain address to the Tenant. This can be done at this point (after you join a Tenant) or it can be done in advance if you wish. Either way it has to be done or the clients will not be able to connect to the Tenant Farm.

  7. Set up routing for incoming Tenant traffic from the Internet to shared RAS Secure Gateways and HALB.

  8. Configure a certificate for the Tenant. By default, a self-signed certificate created during the installation will be used.

  9. Test the client connectivity.

The subsequent sections describe the steps above in detail.

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