Assign a public domain address

Every Tenant must have a unique public domain address for end users to connect to it through Tenant Broker. Although every Tenant must have a unique public domain address, it is not required for every Tenant to have a unique IP address. Different public domain address can be configured to resolve to the same IP address to reach the Tenant Broker shared Gateways. This way the Tenant Broker is still able to forward traffic to the right tenant based on the hostname requested by an end user.

A public domain address can be chosen a number of different ways. For example, a service provider can register a subdomain (e.g. and assign it to a Tenant. Another approach could be using a private domain address (e.g. and have it routed to RAS Secure Gateways in the Tenant Broker. For testing purposes, you can even use an IP address.

The Public domain address is also a property of a Tenant object in the Tenant Broker console. After joining a Tenant to the Tenant Broker, you must ensure that this property contains the correct address. Otherwise end users will not be able to connect to the Tenant through the Tenant Broker.

To verify (and set if necessary) the Tenant's public domain address:

  1. Log in to the Tenant Broker.

  2. In the RAS Console, navigate to Farm > Tenants.

  3. Right-click a Tenant and choose Properties.

  4. In the Properties dialog, verify that the Public domain address field contains the correct address.

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